• About CrossFit Cliffhangers in Dumont, NJ

What Makes CrossFit Cliffhangers Different?

CrossFit Cliffhangers opened its doors in January 2015, after a whirlwind 3 months of renovations, paperwork, and planning. Coach Al had the dream to open his own facility, and, in October 2014, started moving more seriously toward that goal.

CFC’s current home at 72 Washington Avenue in Dumont was first visited in mid/late October, and within a few shorts weeks a lease was signed and paperwork was submitted to CrossFit, Inc for Affiliate approval. From here till January, every “free” minute was dedicated toward CFC and ensuring every detail was completed and perfect for our opening day on January 5. Lots of construction and renovations, and even more behind the scenes paperwork!

The term “Cliffhangers” was chosen to reflect the local geography and history, with the Palisades Cliffs nearby and a recognizable landmark in the area. in the 1910’s, the cliffs were a popular filming location for many films, the most notable being a series named “The Perils of Pauline”, which helped to coin the term “cliffhanger” in modern terminology.

Coach Albert Piascik is CFC’s Head Coach/Manager and owner, supported by the gym’s other owners, his wife Kevyn Piascik, and business partners Justin Fierro and Alexis Pappas-Fierro.

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